Metallic High Gloss 500ml

For all metallic paints. Slightly weathered to dull.
Do not use on matt paints!

Cleans, protects and cares. For radiant gloss. With long-time weather protection. Special care product for all metallic paints. Acts rain and dirt repelling long-term and increases the paint’s resistance to harmful environmental influences. Slightly weathered and dull paint easily achieve their original gloss and appearance. Suitable for polishers.

How to Use:

First, thoroughly clean the surfaces to be polished and dry them carefully. Shake Metallic High Gloss Polish vigorously before use and pour onto a soft rag, polishing cloth or sponge. Apply thinly and evenly to the paint surface using light pressure and circular movements. Only treat one section at a time. Allow Metallic High Gloss Polish to dry until it forms a matt coat. Remove this and polish using a clean, dry cloth. Do not use under direct heat or on warm paint surfaces. Regular application gives the optimum results


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