Automatic Transmission Cleaner 500ml


Suitable for all automatic transmissions! Can contents sufficient for 6 – 9 l oil volume. LIQUI MOLY Automatic Transmission Cleaner can be used by adding to the transmission oil with the help of a funnel through the dipstick or in all commercial automatic transmission cleaning appliances.
Automatic Transmission CleanerAutomatic Transmission Cleaner 500ml

Cleans and frees the automatic oil circuit from deposits and remnants. Secures ideal shifting and extends the life of the transmission.

How to Use:

Add contents of can to warmed up transmission oil before changing the automatic transmission fluid using a funnel and the dipstick. Allow engine to run in neutral for approx. 10 minutes and shift through all gears at least twice with the vehicle in a stationary position. Following the cleaning procedure, carry out an oil and filter change using the corresponding Liqui Moly transmission oil. The contents of one 300 ml can are sufficient for 6 to 9 liters of oil. Liqui Moly Automatic Transmission Cleaner also can be used in conjunction with all commercially available automatic transmission cleaner systems. Ensure that you observe the work instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.


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